Since its inception in 2011, Khanjar Trading & Contracting has aimed to diversify its investments into any lucrative opportunities that arise. Given its young age in the business arena it has already managed to enter markets where it has established itself as the leader.

Seeking unparalleled partnerships in venturing towards new commerce, the company is dedicated towards achieving its aim of growth by using acquisitions and joint ventures as a means nonetheless not overlooking its initiative of establishing new commercial entities singlehandedly.

Endearment to the environment is something that Khanjar prides itself in treasuring; all projects are screened to ensure that no damage is undertaken to the environment.

By now Khanjar Trading & Contracting Co. has it's presence in the continents of Africa, Americas, Europe and the Middle East whether through trade or investments.

Khanjar Trading & Contracting is owned and managed by Khalid J. Al Fulaij & Partners.